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Status Server Description Files Size Last sync Browse Arnold - Home of the Commodore 64 games including "" Mirror. 65648 6.81GB 2017-03-14 Browse
zedz 35525 N/A 2017-02-21 Browse Badlands/T'Pau FTP Site maintained by Spockie. 2426 217MB 2017-02-21 Browse Goin' For Gold! - PADUA C64 FTP Site. 11220 16.87GB 2017-02-21 Browse Sources and binaries for the port of the cc65 C compiler and Misc. 241 109MB 2017-02-21 Browse Byterapers Productions - C64 Demos Branch. 48 1MB 2017-02-21 Browse Rash Refection maintained by Trasher & Riddler of Active. 11317 N/A 2017-02-21 Browse SCS*TRC The Digital Dungeon FTP Site - The Scene's top archive. 35525 N/A 2017-02-21 Browse The Infocom Interactive Fiction Archive - C64 Files Section. 117 20MB 2017-02-21 Browse Bo Zimmerman's FTP Site and HOME OF THE FUNET ARCHIVES. 22183 7.15GB 2017-02-21 Browse Gangsta's Paradise featuring about everything for commodore. 39279 2.71GB 2017-02-21 Browse The Commodore 8bit Files Archive - Save your C= 8bits files /incoming. 24093 8.4GB 2017-01-02 Browse HTTP FUNET mirror containing documentation and software for Commodore 8-bit computers! 0 2.65GB Archived Browse DLH's Commodore Archive of Books, Mag's and Manuals. 12031 140.4GB 2017-02-21 Browse
tosec-c64-07-2012 TOSEC - The Old School Emulation Center. C64 07/2012. 153234 16.21GB Archived Browse CBM-NET Files for C64/C65/C128/C16/C116/Plus4/GEOS. 4335 149MB Archived Browse Games Archive by CenTraX of Agony Design. 32513 4.71GB Archived Browse C64 ftp site of . 2436 222MB Archived Browse Welcome to the Computer Workshops FTP. 139 7MB Archived Browse
the c64 scene database A site dedicated to gathering as much info as possible about the productions, the groups, the sceners and the events in the C64 scene. 24501 24.76GB 2017-02-21
Private Plus/4 World! The premier Plus/4, C16 and C116 web-site. 24912 801MB 2014-03-12 Browse
tosec-vic20-2012 TOSEC - The Old School Emulation Center. Vic-20 2011. 3120 102MB Archived Browse
unrenamed c64 archive Unrenamed c64 disk sets 2010 complete. 253628 30.86GB Archived Browse Official distribution site for current Kermit updates 748 5MB 2017-02-21 Browse
gamebase64 complete Gamebase 64 108681 12GB Archived Browse
C64 Originals Untouched Collection 2012 12764 4.92GB Archived Browse
8bitFiles cbm-8bits 8bit Files - Commodore 8bits Folder 97421 11.66GB 2015-07-01 Browse
8bitFiles Mirrors 8bit Files - Mirrors hosted on 88675 25.95GB 2014-03-12 Browse
8bitFiles CBM-Archives 8bit Files - Commodore 8bits Archive 23773 1.57GB 2014-03-12 Browse
tosec-c128-2013 TOSEC - The Old School Emulation Center. Commodore 128 64 3MB Archived Browse Commodore_C128 Grandis Commodore 128 index 65 3MB 2014-07-20 Browse Commodore_C16,_C116_&_P Commodore_C16,_C116_&_Plus-4 index 2616 166MB 2014-07-20 Browse Commodore_C64 Commodore_C64 index 167525 8.24GB 2014-07-20 Browse Commodore_C65 Gramdis Commodore 64 index 15 1MB 2014-07-20 Browse Commodore_MAX_Machine_&_VIC10 Grandis Commodore_MAX_Machine_&_VIC10 Index 4 0B 2014-07-20 Browse Commodore_PET Grandis Commodore_PET Index 34 1MB 2014-07-20 Browse Commodore_VIC20 Grandis Commodore_VIC20 Index 3122 102MB 2014-07-20 Browse TheZone Grandis TheZone 294 672MB 2014-07-20 Browse
sixteen_plus_taps Sixteen Plus Taps project 708 1.07GB 2014-08-12 Browse
retrobackup SuperCard Pro disk images. Use Browse --> 822 10.13GB 2016-04-19 Browse
Grue Archive Grue demo collection for 1541ultimate - turbo chameleon. 38213 4.03GB Archived Browse

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