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Highscore is 33244
spider in 1st place


Highscore is 38070
el_pasi in 1st place


Highscore is 703380
endurion in 1st place (2 others follow)

Kickstart C16

Highscore is 29674
spider in 1st place

Kid Grid

Highscore is 11640
el_pasi in 1st place

Killer Ring

Highscore is 34430
hammerhead in 1st place (1 other follows)


Highscore is 30382
spider in 1st place


Highscore is 31365
spider in 1st place

Knight Games

Highscore is 64205
mitchfrenzal in 1st place


Highscore is 10140
mh2o in 1st place

Kong Strikes Back

Highscore is 105780
kernzy in 1st place (2 others follow)

Koronis Rift

Highscore is 10810
mitchfrenzal in 1st place


Highscore is 664640
kynzoid in 1st place (1 other follows)

Krystals of Zong

Highscore is 39350
hammerhead in 1st place

Kung-Fu Master

Highscore is 133485
dink in 1st place (3 others follow)

Kwik Snax

Highscore is 592350
mitchfrenzal in 1st place

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