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Lady Tut

Highscore is 10480
spider in 1st place (2 others follow)

Last Duel

Highscore is 294690
dink in 1st place

Law Of The West

Highscore is 5911
disk_mizer in 1st place (1 other follows)


Highscore is 39940
gameznut in 1st place

Le Mans

Highscore is 617240
wongojack in 1st place (8 others follow)

Leaderboard Golf

Highscore is 52
spider in 1st place

LED Storm

Highscore is 154572
el_pasi in 1st place

Legend of Kage

Highscore is 56000
el_pasi in 1st place


Highscore is 77
howlinalan in 1st place

Let's Invade

Highscore is 31130
mitchfrenzal in 1st place (1 other follows)


Highscore is 51950
mh2o in 1st place (1 other follows)

Little Sara Sister 2

Highscore is 15720
el_pasi in 1st place

Loco - Alligata

Highscore is 24100
el_pasi in 1st place

Lode Runner

Highscore is 48550
v-12_tropyx in 1st place


Highscore is 24382
v-12_tropyx in 1st place


Highscore is 213
cobe in 1st place (5 others follow)

Lunar Blitz RX

Highscore is 149850
spider in 1st place

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